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The Rating Game

DIRECTV and KATC hammer out a deal to get the local ABC affiliate back on the satellite service — not coincidentally just ahead of February sweeps.

Less Really Is More

Well, if you were a math geek, you might be able to calculate the trajectory of these thrown objects and know exactly where you'd have to run in order to catch them in mid-flight.

The Booking Agent

For most, Festival International is something they experience one week out of the year. For Lisa Stafford, it's a year-round affair.

Binge for breakfast

It’s been a general rule of mine over the years that if a restaurant has a specific dish in the name, you don’t order anything other than that dish and expect a positive result.

ENLIGHTENED ENFORCEMENT PT. 2: The People of Diversion

When it comes to the people caught up in our criminal justice system, the first 24 hours are the most crucial. From the second a person is locked behind bars, a countdown is underway for them to get released from jail in 24 hours or less.


There are few things more important to a new mom-to-be than the baby registry.


Marcia Ball covers well-worn territory while Talker celebrates the odd and synthetic.


When the album is named #imsoneworleans, it is easier to talk about what it is and what it is not. Kermit Ruffi ns’ latest is a love letter to the Crescent City. It is a smooth yet unpolished jazz record.


Too bad the Lafayette Reggae & Cultural Festival isn’t around anymore. It would be a great way to intro Smoov Ras to a bigger stage and to music lovers of Lafayette who don’t frequent live music venues.

2015 POOYIE!

It's good, it's bad and it's just crazy.

EATS for December 2015

Not much linguistic good has come from portmanteaus. I challenge you to say appletini with a straight face. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Fit for Life

EACH YEAR ABIZ ROUNDS UP A FEW EXECUTIVES who know the key to avoiding the boss burnout: staying fit. What’s more, recent studies suggest that being visibly out of shape can undermine others’ perceptions of your leadership ability and job stamina.

Not Banking On Oil

While Acadiana rides out its worst economic downturn in decades, some area banks are finding success by staying out of the oil biz.

Higher Calling

I’m headed home to Arkansas for a purpose that’s been awaiting me all my life.

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