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Creative Giving

For the civic or academicminded, an intangible gift from UL Lafayette could make a difference this season. If you’re not a student, take advantage of the university’s promotion of lifelong learning through its Continuing Education Department.

Thirteen Questions for Nicholas Laborde

Whether you are a deal maker looking to drive sales and revenue or a technician producing a better product or service; finding the right balance of time, talent and technology is key to making your business work well.

The Future of I-49

Lafayette has been given the planning capacity to design a great Connector. The question is whether the resources will be there to finish the job.

The Great Divide

Few will talk on the record. Even fewer will commit to definitive answers as to what the outcome of the project, dubbed the Lafayette Connector, will or can be.

Taste Test: Jambalaya

Arguably the most ambitious stage production ever to originate in Lafayette is ready to serve.

Hats Off

A New Iberia hat maker comes home.

Mozilla Fund on to Next Step

Through the Gigabit Community Fund, company will award grants of up to $30,000 to worthy projects through the end of 2018.

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