by Amanda Bedgood

New home design with function

Steven Hebert and his wife know a thing or two about building houses.

The chief operating officer at Coldwell Banker Pelican Real Estate and his wife have built 11 over the years. But, this time they did something different.

“We got inspired by California modern,” after a trip to L.A. in 2007, Hebert says.

They then went through modern home tours in Austin and Houston and saw gorgeous homes with an aesthetic they loved.

“Real clean, very minimal and bringing the outside in,” he says.

The result is a home constructed by Ketteringham Builders in River Ranch where a more traditional façade that fit better with the neighborhood also allowed for an interior that’s utterly forward thinking.

“This house is very livable and very functional,” Hebert says. It also achieves a warmth some people don’t think you get with a more modern living space. Hebert recoils at the word contemporary thanks to images of the Jetsons and round, plastic pieces. This version of new design has a welcoming air about it.

“It’s homey. Not too cold. A lot of houses we saw were so cold,” he says. The Heberts added wood floors and planking in areas to bring that warmth throughout. It’s just the kind of balance of the old and the new that people are catching on to in local home building and design.

“People are moving toward this. I’m hearing ‘transitional design.’ People don’t want to go all the way too far out of the comfort zone,” Hebert says.