Party Girl


by Amanda Jean Harris

The INDStyle Awards were truly aflame this year. The Independent’s tribute to stellar local style honored eight trailblazing dressers before eight cutting edge local retailers took to the catwalk to show off fall’s best new pieces. While all eyes were aimed on the runway, some of the biggest show stoppers were among the crowd.

1. Lacey Fontenot, Sharon Moss and Lisa McCoy

2. Olies and Madonna Broussard, Lacey Broussard and Harry Thompson

3. JD Mosley and Shaquana Lewis

4. Adrienne Berard, Beth Poulet Barber, Shelley Thevenote Domingue, Jake Ryan Guidry, Tiffany Zerangue Chiasson, Katelyn Miller and Craig Simon

5. Kari Beal, Jeanne Marie Lousao, Susan Nini, Ruthie Marquet

6. Cindy Gunawan, Ryan Humphreys and Donna Viator

7. Lori and Richard Hurst

8. Katy Briggs, AJ McGee, Andrew Whisnant, Alex Minczeski, Abigal Whisnant, Katie Touchet and Josh Minczeski

9. Erin Shannon, Kari Shepherd Walker, Ruthie Marquet, Susan Nini, Jordan Heinen and Rachel Quattrone