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Posthaste Vs. Pearson Cross

Head of the Political Science Department at UL Lafayette and an accomplished musician, Pearson Cross recently signed on as a political columnist for The Independent, which got our own Dege Legg to wondering, “Who is this guy?”

A Woman’s Place

Long the domain of men, Acadiana’s creative dining scene is increasingly being populated — and popularized — by women.

To Boldly Go

More than a decade ago, Joey Durel and Terry Huval set off on a risky trek — bringing fiber tele-com to Lafayette. The city embraced the journey and has been on a promising trajectory since.


The INDStyle Awards were truly aflame this year.

Making the Lafayette-Lake Charles Connection

In preparation for an early November meeting with various companies hiring hundreds of workers in the Lake Charles market, Lafayette officials did some digging into unemployment data for the Acadiana region.

Our Dissembling City Marshal

Brian Pope’s denials and obstruction regarding this newspaper’s efforts to get to the bottom of that bizarre Oct. 7 press conference point to just one thing: Our city marshal is unfit for public office.


Recent plans to renovate the small triangular green space Downtown in front of the former Lafayette City Hall and to name it Place Mouton — and The New Orleans City Council’s December decision to remove four Confederate monuments from places of prominence in the Crescent City — have offered our community an incredible opportunity: to ask important questions, seek meaningful answers and benefit from a larger dialogue about our shared histories and the things we hold dear.

ABiz Scene

Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry has been open for a couple of months, but the official ribbon cutting was Wednesday, April 20.

CROSS WISE: Trump’s Trump Card

Can an ill-tempered, thrice-married billionaire dandy win the hearts of Louisiana evangelicals, much less rank-and-file voters?


The good, the bad and the plain crazy of 2016

Beyond Oil and Gas

The downturn has taken a toll on commercial activity in the Lafayette area, but oil’s low price reality is sinking in just as opportunities for diversification abound.

BBR turns 20

Warehouse 535 was the place to be June 23 to celebrate 20 amazing years in business for BBR.

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