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It sounds like the set-up to a bad B movie, but it really happened at Negreet High School in Many, where a portrait of Jesus once hung in the school lobby and Bible verses hung on the walls — until the ACLU of Louisiana filed suit on behalf of the...

C‘est Bon

“There’s an expiration date on clean drinking water in Louisiana, and this is because of the acts of men, greed and a failed democracy — a democracy that put the flags of oil and gas companies over our state Capitol,” Honoré says during a panel discussion at the Clifton Chenier Center in Lafayette.

Pas Bon

Williams had claimed he was owed the money as back pay, even though no rational person with a second-grade grasp of mathematics would reasonably conclude Williams could have possibly worked the hours he claimed..

AG takes another look at bribery scheme in DA’s office

n August 2013, state Attorney General Buddy Caldwell’s office did not mince words in a tersely worded statement about whether it would be filing any state charges related to the then-ongoing federal investigation into District Attorney Mike Harson’s office’s handling of certain types of cases, mainly OWIs.


A founding member of the Grammy-nominated Basin Brothers and a regular on Acadiana stages both as a sideman and featured performer, Berard was a gifted guitarist and fiddler player.

Welcome Home, Louisiana

One of the most common complaints from fresh college graduates around Louisiana who are eager to join the local workforce is that they only seem to find qualified jobs out of state, forcing many of them to leave the home they love for the sake of their career.


Attorney Amy Kern of New Orleans, founder of Beginning Families, helps an average of five Louisiana couples a year have children through surrogacy, as well as many other couples — gay and straight — who want to adopt.

ABiz Scene

Say it ain’t so, JoDu. Has it really been nearly 12 years?

A Warm Fuzzy

By the time Commissioner Troy Hebert opened up proceedings to public comment during Artmosphere owner Berry Kemp’s hearing before the state Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control on Feb. 25 in Lafayette, it was pretty obvious that Artmosphere would not have its liquor license revoked.

Louisiana’s Big Picture

The Motion Picture Incentive Act states that its “primary purpose is to encourage development in Louisiana of a strong capital and infrastructure base for motion picture production in order to achieve an independent, self–supporting industry.” Yet 12 years and $1.

CROSS WISE: Second in Command

Has the time come for Louisiana to consider a governor/lieutenant governor “ticket” to better manage the state?

CROSS-WISE: The State They Gave Away

As the contentious process of addressing a $1.6 billion dollar deficit drags into June, legislators would do well to remember that much of their suffering is self-inflicted.

Levee Board Lawsuit Alive and Well

Out of the news cycle and moving slowly, a regional flood authority’s action against the oil and gas industry remains in appeals courts on both the state and federal levels.


(It’s Good, It’s Bad and It’s Just Crazy)


The good, the bad from the recent news cycle

Not a Shadow of a Doubt

Despite our current economic struggles, diversification and technology ensure that Lafayette and Acadiana will bounce back stronger than ever.

ABiz Scene: State of the Economy

LEDA’s Gregg Gothreaux delivered his fifth annual State of the Economy speech at the Cajundome Convention Center June 16.

Seeing is Believing

Long the victim of a supply-side scam by big business and oil/gas, Louisiana is beginning to right decades of wrong.

David Boulet: Man in the Maelstrom

Can the Republican son-in-law of a former Democratic governor help clean up a mess left by Bobby Jindal in one of the state’s least known but most important revenue-generating offices? We’re about to find out.

On Second Thought

State supreme court rules in favor of Acadiana man imprisoned on illegal sentence.

Orphaned and Abandoned

The state’s Office of Mineral Resources is scrambling to audit bankrupt state mineral leaseholders.

National group targets JBE, replacing Villere and more

Jeremy Adler, a spokesman for America Rising Squared, says his organization “likes to keep tabs on all Democrats running for or in office and seeks to highlight their vulnerabilities.” But he adds that Edwards is near the top of its list in terms of governors around the country.

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