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Belief Systems

Every child eventually discovers Santa Claus is not real. It’s tough for a kid to find out Santa is part of an elaborate belief system constructed to enhance the wonders of childhood. As painful as it may be, that discovery is part of growing up and only the first of many revelations to come.

Libation Education

Just one sip and I knew I was no longer at the Tiger Drive-In.


The first whispers of swimsuit season feel a little like walking the plank. Naked and with a spotlight on you. It takes guts to walk into that dressing room after a long winter in leggings and sweaters.

In Memoriam: Billy Navarre, 1954-2016

A native of Welsh, Billy had been business manager for a Crowley car dealer and went deep into debt buying what could only be described as a disaster of an old-school dealership on Highway 90 in Sulphur.


The following charts show 2016 market share percentages for banks operating in the Lafayette and Lake Charles metro areas, as well as return on assets and return on equity for those financial institutions.

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