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Barry and Bobby

From two different worlds away, their fathers had always believed in the promise of America, and when they finally got the opportunity to study and work at an American university, they didn’t think twice. They packed up everything they had, and they flew across oceans to be here.


Heart disease doesn’t always look like a man over 50 with a thick waist and high cholesterol. Heart disease is still the No. 1 killer of women. And last year in the U.S., 10,000 children died from sudden cardiac failure.


Judd Lormand isn’t making a killing as an actor yet, but he’s getting killed a lot.

Thirteen Questions for Nicholas Laborde

Whether you are a deal maker looking to drive sales and revenue or a technician producing a better product or service; finding the right balance of time, talent and technology is key to making your business work well.

Posthaste Vs. Pearson Cross

Head of the Political Science Department at UL Lafayette and an accomplished musician, Pearson Cross recently signed on as a political columnist for The Independent, which got our own Dege Legg to wondering, “Who is this guy?”

A Tale of Two Trials

Eric Abshire and Seth Fontenot have at least two things in common: They’re both killers and object lessons in American exceptionalism.

To Boldly Go

More than a decade ago, Joey Durel and Terry Huval set off on a risky trek — bringing fiber tele-com to Lafayette. The city embraced the journey and has been on a promising trajectory since.


Without a risk factor in sight, Alexa John was diagnosed with breast cancer thanks to supplemental screening.


University Art Museum director aims to introduce one of our community’s greatest assets to children long before they enter elementary school, creating a lifelong template of education.

Money, Money, Money

In analyzing the outcome of the city-parish president race, it comes down to financial reserves and how one spends them.

EATS for December 2015

Not much linguistic good has come from portmanteaus. I challenge you to say appletini with a straight face. Go ahead. I’ll wait.


The longer the Marshal Brian Pope public records battle goes on, the stranger it gets.

More Than a Lemonade Stand

A bad taste in his mouth leads a retired Lafayette pharmacist to perfect a recipe that has become a successful family business.

David Boulet: Man in the Maelstrom

Can the Republican son-in-law of a former Democratic governor help clean up a mess left by Bobby Jindal in one of the state’s least known but most important revenue-generating offices? We’re about to find out.

Vision 2017

Lafayette laid the groundwork for our tech future a decade ago with fiber. Leaders in technology, manufacturing and other fields say it’s time to fully embrace it.

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