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Ready. Set. Grow!

Lafayette set to launch its energy and health care accelerator this fall.

More Important Than Ever

In the midst of an ongoing economic downturn, this year’s LEDA Job Fair will be critical in connecting employers with their most valuable resource — employees.

Opportunities Abound

The Feb. 22 Industrial Trades Career Fair is the place to be for those looking for jobs or career advancement.

Shop Local Today and Every Day

The survival of locally owned businesses — and to a large extent the survival of our community — rests in your pocketbook.

Hello, 2017!

Although 2016 presented us with many challenges, it also laid the foundation for lots of exciting opportunities in the year ahead.

Leap of Faith

Elliot Green took a chance when he transplanted his tech startup from NYC to Lafayette, and he’s not looking back.

Wildcatting Women

Female-owned businesses in Acadiana increasingly contribute to our economic diversity, resilience and prosperity.

Angels Among Us

If you have a great startup idea and have done your homework, these Acadiana Angels want to hear from you.

Not a Shadow of a Doubt

Despite our current economic struggles, diversification and technology ensure that Lafayette and Acadiana will bounce back stronger than ever.

Exports = Imports

Selling the Cajun and Creole brands across the globe pays dividends at home.

Not the Idea — the Execution

The creators of a dining app lean on great advice and surround themselves with quality people to help their venture succeed.

Upside of the Downturn

Sure, times are tough, but Acadiana learned from the 1980s and is better positioned for a rebound.

Connect with LEDA

Last month, I wrote about LEDA’s economic impact on Lafayette’s economy and some of our core services— visitation program, site identification and market research. This month I’ll share information about LEDA’s remaining services that contribute to the organization’s more than $1.

Economic Impact

Quantified a decade ago, LEDA’s role in the local economy continues to grow — and to diversify.

United We Can Achieve More

There's a word that often characterizes our community, our people — who we are and what we do. That word is UNITY. Not only do we unite to celebrate victories, but we also come together as a community in times of sorrow. After experiencing a devastating event, as we did this summer, economic hard times are put into perspective.

The Slow Slump

Oil is taking its toll, but the local economy will not crash and burn this time around. Living in South Louisiana, we are not strangers to ups and downs in the oil and gas industry. It comes with the territory. There is no doubt the local economy has shifted this year; however, because of diversification, the economy has been slower to slump. I’ve spoken about the importance of economic diversity for a long time, and it’s satisfying to see decades of progress making a difference now — when it’s needed most.

The 101 on GSD

A Lafayette-based, veteran-owned consulting company is the epitome of ‘getting stuff done.’

Rise and Converge

Yes, slumping oil prices are affecting Lafayette, but diversification and our entrepreneurial spirit will see us through this rough patch.

Uncertainty Ahead

The big question mark is still the extent to which depressed oil prices will impact our economy.

Training Acadiana’s Entrepreneurial Future

Training Acadiana’s Entrepreneurial FutureA Gallup-certified strengths coach, Wendy Hornung has dedicated her career to ensuring the development of local business leaders.

It's Our Front Yard

Let's show how much we care what it looks like. It's not every day that you get to be a part of a cultural change that transforms the landscape of your community, but that's exactly what is happening...

Going into Reverse

By identifying companies that match the output of its post-secondary educational institutions, Lafayette is creating opportunities that keep highly trained graduates in the area. Going into Reverse By...

Steady As She Goes

The Economic Performance Index shows that Lafayette's economy remains ascendent. The Economic Performance Index shows that Lafayette's economy remains ascendent. By Gregg Gothreaux Wednesday, June 18,...

Now Hiring

Largest recruitment event in Acadiana returns May 21 to the Cajundome Convention Center LEDA meets with hundreds of businesses throughout the year, and one of the top concerns we hear from them...

Trending in the right direction

Lafayette's economy enters its fourth year of steady growth. Lafayette's December 2013 Economic Performance Index is 119, up five points compared to December 2012. The index at the end of the fourth...

No, Lafayette, the Sky Is Not Falling

Setting the record straight on that February story in HuffPo At the beginning of February Huffington Post ran a story that was surprising to many in Lafayette. The story cited a report prepared for...

Economy's Upswing Continues

Third quarter EPI bests second quarter 2013 and comparable quarter last year. Third quarter EPI bests second quarter 2013 and comparable quarter last year. By Gregg Gothreaux Monday, Dec. 16, 2013 The...

Economic Indicators 101

Up almost 5 percent over last year, retail sales continue to outperform every other barometer. Since 2012, LEDA has been sharing its quarterly Economic Performance Index score (see the October issue...


LEDA and AED's outreach-visitation program proves time and again that human connection is good for business. LEDA and our regional ally, Acadiana Economic Development, work with businesses that run...

Lafayette Economic Performance Index

2012 was a banner year for Lafayette. Not only did Lafayette retailers reach an all-time high of $5.7 billion in sales in 2012, but Lafayette's unemployment rate dropped below 4% for the first time...

Gettin' It Done in Upper Lafayette

Communities are known by the companies they keep. Communities are known by the companies they keep. Friday, Jan. 18, 2013 I recently had the opportunity to emcee the Upper Lafayette Success Stories...

3rd Quarter Economic Performance Index

Lafayette's economy continues three-year streak. The Lafayette Economic Performance Index continues to paint a picture of a community that is thriving while many others are navigating an array of...

Stacking Up

Sure, there's a list for everything, but more often than not, Lafayette is on top. In the past year, Lafayette has received national recognition in the areas of employment growth, business environment...

Love Thy Neighbor

Behind every successful community is a well-connected regional economic development team. Behind every successful community is a well-connected regional economic development team. By Mike...

Map for Dat

One-of-a-kind software developed by Fenstermaker & Associates is putting Lafayette Parish on the map - literally. At a recent conference, the general manager of Site Selection magazine told...

On the Upswing

Lafayette Parish's EPI has been above the 12-month moving average for 16 of the past 17 months, with June's index the highest since August 2008. After two years of extensive research and development,...

Making It Work

Get your résumé ready for Acadiana's largest and most successful job fair. By Gregg Gothreaux July 26, 2012 With the high national jobless claims numbers reported so far this year, many people feel...

Making Progress

Louisiana lawmakers are slowly realizing that the best incentive for attracting business is a fair tax structure across the board. Recently I had the opportunity to speak at the Louisiana Association...

A Finger on the Pulse

LEDA's new Economic Performance Index is an accurate analysis of how we're doing - and how that performance compares to past years. Even though the staff at LEDA makes more than 50 presentations in a...

At Your Fingertips

LEDA's website - - is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, corporations, job seekers and more. One of the comments we hear frequently from our clients is their positive impression of the...

Business Friendly

It's been years since legislative packages had so much potential for enhancing economic development efforts. With the start of the legislative session just around the corner, Gov. Bobby Jindal has...

The Domino Effect

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 By Gregg Gothreaux The Domino Effect Louisiana Plating & Coatings' decision to follow Halliburton to Lafayette is a good sign more companies are coming. Wednesday,...

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